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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Burdens and the Three Options

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You have a burden. And if you're like most people on earth, you more than likely have multiple burdens.

A burden can be that 104th thing on your plate, it can be a relationship, it can be watching a sibling struggle, it could be depression, family politics, health...anything.

I want to encourage you that you have three options on how to deal with them, and only three.

1: You can leave them. Mentally, physically, emotionally. Burdens are frightening. They are overwhelming. They are painful. They are more than you can handle. So you can turn away from them and think on something else, do something else, ignore that burden. It's sometimes easier to stop trying. To stop caring. Leave. Run away. This is option number one.

2: Man up! Take them on, full charge. You're tired of the guilt of apathetically ignoring the situation, and no-one else is doing anything about it. As a good, strong daughter you take it upon your shoulders to face the problem. If so-and-so can't: you will. You rush in and give relief. Nevermind the fact that you're crumbling. Nevermind you're hurts. You will give aid, even if it kills you. This is option number two.

3: You pick up the burden. It hurts. You allow yourself to feel the grief and the pain or the stress and you stretch out your arms, holding it up for God to take it from you if it's His will. You admit you aren't strong enough. Some of these burdens aren't your responsibility. You hand them over to Someone who can take charge. Some of them are fears that must be faced or they will always shadow your steps. Some of them are people who only need someone to listen, not to fix them. You choose not to ignore or to take charge, but to silently bear the grief and let God deal with it. It still hurts, but there is no apathy, no responsibility, no fear, no pride; you are simply a channel for God to move thorough. He in you is strong enough to hear someone out. To face the frightening relationship. To live another day with illness. To know whether to say no, or to continue on. To carry a secret grief. To love the unloveable. To be secure in the midst of family turmoil. He through you carries burdens. It hurts to have Him rend your heart in order to reach out of you for someone else, but ultimately, it is Him that does the carrying. You're just the little box He chooses to live inside. The vessel.

There is no question whether you have burdens. 
 The question is how are you going to deal with them?  

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