Luke 8:54

"And he put them all out, and took her by the hand, and called, saying, Maid arise." Luke 8:54

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Dear Single Ladies – From a Newlywed

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Dearest Sisters,
I wrote to some of you a little while ago – three and a half weeks after my wedding day! Now, a month and a half into married life, my feelings are the same – or perhaps even more intensified! Yes, I'm very in love! But that's not the big thing I wanted to share with you. I actually wanted to say –


I love being married – seriously, don't get me wrong! But just as seriously, my hubby and I keep planning things and then thinking, 'You know what? We need more good Christian singles to help us fulfill this plan!'
We actually really need you. I love being a woman and thinking about homemaking and babies and all that stuff, but honestly, God is still so much more exciting than anything to do with marriage. I wish I had used my single time ever more effectively – and this is me talking – a motivated young woman married to a highly flexible, godly, pull-out-all-stops-to-get-it-done kind of guy. Sure, the world and the church needs married believers. But oh boy, we need you singles too! Please, dear single ladies, don't be distracted from our great calling by the idea of getting married. It's awesome! But bombers weren't the only aircraft to fight a war. We need you free-flying Spitfires as well.
So single ladies – please. Help us. Motivate us. Challenge us. Make sure we don't sink into lovey-dovey hermitage with our beloveds, or get distracted from the Greates Love by the love we have. Ask us questions – there really is a king of mind-gift you received in marriage, and we'd love to share our stories for your benefit! Keep us on our toes. Pray for us. Work with us!
And Christ will return. We will all be together. Matrimony will be but a memory, but love will be real and together we will rejoice in unending bliss, praising our Father in Heaven!

Blessings from your sister,


Saturday, June 18, 2016

Will We Be Davids?

Spiritual Lessons
Will We Be Davids?

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David ran his fingers down the golden strands. Not so long ago he played this very same melody under a starry sky, alone in a wilderness. But now he played for the King.
He looked up at the monarch and felt his heart sink. Saul sat with an evil expression furrowed into his face. Peace could not penetrate this man's soul.
David looked back at the floor and concentrated. God had used King Saul. Saul had made a kingdom out of a nation, raised armies and fought many battles. More importantly, King Saul was the Lord's anointed. No matter if Saul no longer trusted him. He would honor the King.
Saul was hounded by an evil spirit. It caused him to be afraid. The longer he watched David play, the more the anxiety built. The Lord was with David. And Saul knew it had departed from him. Somehow David's melody seemed to chant the very words the women sang with their tabrets, “Saul hath slain his thousands, and David his ten thousands.”
 Instead of releasing tension, the music seemed to attack him. Anger throbbed through his whole being. It was unfair that David was both given the spirit from the Lord and his kingdom. David had already been anointed with oil by Samuel. The prophet that no longer would fellowship with him. Jonathan, his own son, had knit his heart to this young man, even in the knowledge that David would take Jonathan's rightful place. With a surge of just indignation Saul stood to his feet and threw his javelin at the minstrel, David.
At that moment David had a choice.  

God wanted to make a King out of David. But instead of handing him the Kingdom, He crushed David. And He used a man to do it: King Saul. Saul was undoubtedly mad, even haunted by an evil spirit. He threw spears and claimed the right to do so. And yet, he was the Lord's anointed.
David knew this. When Saul threw his spear, David had a choice.
  1. To stay, in risk of being killed.
  2. To throw the spear back.
  3. To flee
We also have “Sauls” in our life. Kings, God has put in our life. Some of these men have hurt us. We are given the same choices David was. We might have the right and ability to throw the spear back. No-one would have blamed David.
Except God. God allowed Saul to mistreat David. And He used it to mold David into a man after His own heart. God will do the same in our lives. He will use the Sauls in our life to crush the Saul in us!
David accepted it. He didn't bad-mouth Saul. David allowed God to change him. Being hunted will change us. Being wounded will scar us.
We can have pure motives and a righteous stand and still be crushed. God sometimes uses pure and righteous men to do it. Sometimes he uses mad men. Either way, we have a choice.

David tried to stay. But more javelins were thrown. Self prosperity is not conceit. Self defense is not pride. David fled. And yet David left alone. He didn't take a band of men with him. He was willing to go by himself. This solitude and hounding, the lies, deceit, and maliciousness crafted David into a man that is now known as the world's greatest comforter. David could sing before, but now his Psalms are echoed by thousands in every generation.
People will misunderstand you. Joab did. Why wouldn't David kill the King when he had the chance? The Kingdom believed Saul and had no way of hearing “David's side”. The kingdom misunderstood David during a time where it should have seem him not only an innocent man, but their future king.
Friends, dear friends, will be parted from you. Friends are often made because of what you hold in common. But sometimes, in these kind of trials, our friendships will be tested in the areas where we can't be in common. Jonathan's heart was knit to David's. And yet they could no longer fellowship and sing in the palace as they once had. They wept. Grief is natural. But Jonathan also allowed David to leave, and "strengthened his hand in God.” (1 Samuel 23:16).
 If we are Jonathans we must remember to let go of our Davids. Our friendships don't have to change when Kings throw spears. We can still be friends. But allow David to go in peace. If we are Davids we must remember how hard it is for the Jonathans that have staid behind. We too must learn to let go. David never spoke ill of Jonathan's father. David did cry “What have I done? What is mine iniquity...?” But David did not tell Jonathan to come away. David did not berate King Saul to Jonathan. Neither expected to be sympathized with as a victim. Neither depended on the other as their savior. Pray for your friend. Do not defend your character to them. But do not feel guilty for fleeing. Do not feel guilty for being Saul's son. Jonathan fought a whole garrison of Philistines without David. God placed you there on purpose.
David refused to disrespect Saul. God knew Israel didn't need another powerful king, but a broken and humbled man. Good men can do evil things. Who are we to determine if our king is a David or a Saul? To Urriah, David seemed to play Saul. The people in your life today, the ones who hurt you, malign you, and throw spears, might be Davids. They might be men after God's own heart.
Is it our responsibility to go to war against our king? Not likely. Will we have to flee? Possibly. Will we become “David's” – people after God's own heart? Only though much breaking and tribulation.
To whom ye forgive anything, I forgive also: for if I forgave anything, to whom I forgave it, for your sakes forgave I it in the person of Christ.” 2 Corinthians 2:10
Satan would have us stay in an unforgiving position. It is his device to keep us weak. And why? So he can either attack us or render us useless.
This is not a crafty ploy, though countless Christians have fallen on swords of unforgiveness. Satan doesn't hold us captive. We have sentenced ourselves and freedom is our choice. Obviously there are times it is humanly impossible to forgive, but this is why Paul forgave in the person of Christ.
Forgiveness doesn't look like sympathy. It doesn't mean we must put ourselves continually in a defenseless vulnerable place. David hid in caves. He did not continue to place himself before the king and his javelins. Forgiveness doesn't look like trust.
But forgiveness is unwilling to keep an account of wrong-doing. Forgiveness will pray for those who hurt him. Forgiveness is willing; forgiveness is open minded towards reconciliation; forgiveness understands Satan's devices. A forgiving heart is unwilling to gossip. Forgiveness is strength. Forgiveness is freeing.
Christian, we once determined to follow Christ, though no one else followed. No turning back. Though friends forsake us. We started this journey counting the cost. When it is required of us, will we give up? This is a race. The first half-mile was hard. The second half was exciting. The third seems impossible. It's how races go. Don't give up brothers and sisters. Satan would sift us, but ultimately we are given a choice.

Will we be Davids?  

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Our Men Need Us

Spiritual Lessons 
Our Men Need Us!
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The word “helpmeet” does not imply weakness. It implies that men have a need and women have a unique ability.
God created women to be a mans' helper; not because we are inferior but because we were designed to perfectly meet man's need. This is exciting, not demeaning! We are not opposites. We can co-exist in godly charity. We were created to! Viewing men as another species is ungodly and founded on a wicked mindset.

Yet, we are different. Which is godly and necessary. To blur these lines is also sinful.

The world hates masculinity and men who dominate, conquer, lead and protect. And yet, this partly why they were created. (Genesis 1:28). When we cringe at the word “dominate” we wince at their very purpose. We encourage the attitude that men should be ashamed of what their Creator mandated. Are we offended at the thought of men being conquerors? If we could follow that thought down to the root, we would find this ideology comes from an evil source. (feminism post).
The world teaches men to shirk manhood and encourages us to be repulsed by it. The world propagates the idea we women don't need men and are better off without them. Women are roused into a feminist mob of men-haters. While men are being shamed or lulled into passivity.
We women, whether married of not, mustn't be fooled. Ladies, our men are being ambushed by the enemy in their masculinity. We aren't standing on neutral ground on this one. We are either fighting against the enemy or we are on the enemy's side.
How can we practically encourage our men? I want to hear from you, but here are some of my ideas I hope to faithfully implement.

  1. Embracing femininity. By being a modest, feminine, godly woman of God, I know it automatically inspires men to be pure, chivalrous men.
  2. Embracing our purpose. We women were made of man for man. To co-rule, be fruitful, multiply, take dominion. We were meant to be united. It is not weak to think highly of men and desire to serve by their side. For goodness sake! We were created from their side, why not serve next to their side? Men need us and we need men. We were designed that way. Married women have an obvious ministry to their man. But we all are given fathers and brothers in Christ that we can serve and minister and encourage.

What does this look like practically? It might mean praying or fasting for them. Writing an encouraging note. Supporting their decisions. Allowing them to treat us like ladies. Treating them selflessly. Studying and contributing to our brother's interests. Offering to help in their projects. Packing their lunch. Speaking highly of them. Being hospitable. Staying up to date with current events. (We can be interesting, intellectual and well-rounded in conversational topics! There is only one thing more irritating than a bunch of girls who only know how to whisper, giggle, and talk of “girl topics”, ie: themselves: Grown women who only know how to gossip, cackle, and talk of birth experiences. Okay... I'm off my soap get the point.) Accompanying them in evangelism. Cheering them on. Letting them know you respect or support them. Taking a rebuke in the right attitude. Seeking their counsel. For married couples that are friends, we can babysit children, or clean their homes. The list is almost endless.
Godly men do not expect women to rubber stamp their every decision just because they are men. Real men do not demand support. Submission is not coerced. We are responsible in our role as women to honor our men, submit to our husband, and to act charitably and femininely. But we are not meant to be manipulated or forced into subjection; verbally or physically. We are meant to be Pricillia's, Jaels' and Abigails', NOT Bethsehbas.

This being said, there is a lack of courageous feminine women of God who are willing to take off Satan's blinders and fight. Fight next to their men. Encourage their men. Support their men. And graciously submit and serve and co-labor. We can be these kind of women. We can stand by our men and love them in all charity. They need us.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Modest Swimwear Ideas!

Health and Beauty

Modest Swimwear Ideas

So I was looking for some modest, feminine swimwear for this year.  These are my finds thus far!  Thought I'd share!

modest-two-piece-overall-swimdress-azure-blue  swim shirt and swim skirt/shorts combo from Hydrochic

Dainty Jewels 

Layering Shorts (For swimwear only)

Quote of the Day

"The test for the saint is not common sense, but 'is this what Jesus stood for?' 'For I am not ashamed of the gospel.' If you dare to stand for Jesus Christ and His presentation of things in certain crises, men will separate you from their company, treat you with unutterable contempt. 'Blessed are ye', said Jesus, 'when men shall hate you, and when they shall separate you from their company, and reproach you, and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of man's sake'. (Luke 6:22) we have to express the love of God in the midst of these things." 

Oswald Chambers