Luke 8:54

"And he put them all out, and took her by the hand, and called, saying, Maid arise." Luke 8:54

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Dear Single Ladies – From a Newlywed

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Dearest Sisters,
I wrote to some of you a little while ago – three and a half weeks after my wedding day! Now, a month and a half into married life, my feelings are the same – or perhaps even more intensified! Yes, I'm very in love! But that's not the big thing I wanted to share with you. I actually wanted to say –


I love being married – seriously, don't get me wrong! But just as seriously, my hubby and I keep planning things and then thinking, 'You know what? We need more good Christian singles to help us fulfill this plan!'
We actually really need you. I love being a woman and thinking about homemaking and babies and all that stuff, but honestly, God is still so much more exciting than anything to do with marriage. I wish I had used my single time ever more effectively – and this is me talking – a motivated young woman married to a highly flexible, godly, pull-out-all-stops-to-get-it-done kind of guy. Sure, the world and the church needs married believers. But oh boy, we need you singles too! Please, dear single ladies, don't be distracted from our great calling by the idea of getting married. It's awesome! But bombers weren't the only aircraft to fight a war. We need you free-flying Spitfires as well.
So single ladies – please. Help us. Motivate us. Challenge us. Make sure we don't sink into lovey-dovey hermitage with our beloveds, or get distracted from the Greates Love by the love we have. Ask us questions – there really is a king of mind-gift you received in marriage, and we'd love to share our stories for your benefit! Keep us on our toes. Pray for us. Work with us!
And Christ will return. We will all be together. Matrimony will be but a memory, but love will be real and together we will rejoice in unending bliss, praising our Father in Heaven!

Blessings from your sister,



  1. As a newlywed coming up on my three month anniversary, I have to heartily concur!!! Being single was awesome! Being married is awesome! And neither one is more awesome than the other. I'm SOOO grateful for my 33 single years and want to add my encouragement to all the single ladies out there as to how much you ARE NEEDED in the church. In life. In my life! I love my single friends and don't know what I'd do without them. Their marital status has nothing to do with their value as people, as daughters of the King! If you're single, be gloriously single and revel in it! If you're married be gloriously married and revel in it! It's all wonderful.

    1. Such a blessing Jana! It IS encouraging to hear this feedback from you newly-weds! Thanks!

    2. Thanks Jana! I am realising more and more lately, how many single ladies need to hear this from us. I think it's an honour to speak this to them from what many seem to see as 'the other side'.
      Blessings, Georgia