Luke 8:54

"And he put them all out, and took her by the hand, and called, saying, Maid arise." Luke 8:54

About Us

Hello, I'm Toni.  I contentedly live with my parents and six siblings in rural Northern Idaho.  My foremost passion is my God and Lord, Jesus Christ. Secondly comes my family, who I love learning how to serve.  
My many other interests include: Sign Language, health, singing, entrepreneurial ventures, teaching and playing with my siblings and of course – writing.

And my name is Lynea. I also live with my family in rural North Idaho, where my dad is the pastor of a little church known as Family Baptist. I was home schooled until I graduated in the spring of 2011. I am the youngest of 4 older siblings who are mostly now all married. I love being the adoring and spoiling auntie. I enjoy helping my family at home, learning new things, music, calligraphy, baking, volleyball, reading good books, and writing. While I am very thankful for the dear family and friends that He has placed in my life, I am the most thankful for my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. He alone makes life worth living! I desire more than anything, that He would have all of my heart and life. It is His to do with whatsoever He wills. 

Friends for Life

Toni and I first met one another some years back at a small church meeting in Northern Idaho. My family was traveling in Evangelism at the time and would visit many churches across the United States. I honestly had no idea that this particular church service would change my life forever. That a one-time meeting and casual "hellos" would someday come to mean so much more. However, it wasn't until later, when my family settled down and started a church, that Toni's family came to visit. Our families have been close ever since.

Charles Kingsley once wrote, "A blessed thing it is for any man or woman to have a friend; one human soul whom we can trust utterly; who knows the best and the worst of us, and who loves us, in spite of our faults: who will speak the honest truth to us, while the world flatters us to our faces, and laughs at us behind our backs; who will give us counsel and reproof in the day of prosperity and self conceit; but who, again will comfort and encourage us in the day of difficulty and sorrow, when the world leaves us alone to fight our own battles as we can. If we have had the good fortune to win such a friend, let us do anything rather than lose him. We must give and forgive; live and let live. If our friends have faults we must bear with them. We must hope all things, believe all things, endure all things rather than lose that most precious of all earthly possessions - a trusty friend."

When Charles Kingsley speaks of having a most precious earthly possession- a trusty friend- the first person that comes to my mind is Toni. I trust her utterly with everything in my heart and have never once regretted it. We share the deepest parts of our hearts, our dreams, our desires, our emotions, our silly moods, or our heart-wrenching sorrows and it is always a great blessing. We pray together, laugh together, cry together. A friend who knows all your faults and yet still loves you. This is Toni. She's the most encouraging person to be around. Her mutual love and desire for Christ often refreshes my soul. I know that Toni and I would do everything together if it were only humanly possible. We've shared a lot of sweet memories together and often smile at the thought that we'll only go on being the best of friends through eternity. As they say, the best is yet to come. 

I had to add a few words here...

Lynea is my best friend. The kind of friend that you know only God could have brought into your life because they are more than just chums but someone that alters your entire life.

I can tell everything to Nay. She is trustworthy. Nothing goes past her – it's safe. When we get together it's not just to discuss the latest events in our lives, but to share our hearts. To lift one another up. To take and give. The Lord is first priority in both our lives, and this shared passion is the basis of our friendship. He is everything to both of us, and with a common love, cherishing each other is inevitable. I can't help but love Nay. We have made sweet memories already and only plan on making more the rest of our lives. We can do anything together and it's never awkward. Even doing nothing with her is sweet. We can enjoy silence together. We are equally open, even vulnerable because we've laid our hearts so bare and open, but with this exposure comes a beautiful connection that seems to be a bond even deeper than just friendship. My life changed when I became friends with Lynea. But only for the better.

Nay a