Luke 8:54

"And he put them all out, and took her by the hand, and called, saying, Maid arise." Luke 8:54

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Oh what a Little Desert Land

Quote of the Day/ Spiritual Lessons

Oh what a little desert land
A wasteland made for me
With every giant tailored for
A purpose, plan, a need

How hard to tread the desert sands
With length of time unknown
And yet it lets me cling to Him
My only certain shown

And in this little desert land
A cross He gave to me
A thing that He could trust me with
Though I don't see the need

Yet all my life these desert lands
And crosses He will give
To teach me how to die to self
And He my life to live

With Him to take me by the hand
And stealing all my cares
This burden that He gave to me
Is small and light to bare 

If only I can give to Him 
Remember Him to trust
And let Him bare my cross for me
I find He is enough 

And since He gave this desert land
And made it just for me
A precious place and home to dwell
A sandy track I need

Oh teach me in this wilderness!
And fill me with Yourself
Let every other well be dry
Protect me from myself

Bereaved of many little dreams
And so you hold me back
From little things You've deemed less
Though best I have no lack

Oh what a little desert land
A wasteland made for me
I cling to You with cross to bear
And under it...I sing.


November 22nd 2014

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Quote of the Day

"Between dawn and dark there is time enough for the collisions of distractedness and selfishness in our dealing with our fellow-creatures, in the lives of our own homes; time enough to meet or evade the demands of homely faithfulness in our several work, time enough to confront the sturdy rebellion of passions and besetting sins against our spiritual nature; time enough to win or to lose heaven in." (Henry Wilder Foote)

Friday, November 28, 2014

Quote of the Day

"Why do you believe that the Lord Jesus died? What is your ground for that belief? Is it that you feel he had died? No, you have never felt it. You believe it because the Word of God tells you so. ... Now, what about your own death? ... It does not depend on your feelings. You can know it is so for the one sufficient reason that God has said it is so. That Christ has died is a fact, that the two thieves have died is a fact, and that you have died is a fact also. The self you loathe is on the cross in Christ! And ' he that is dead is freed from sin'!" (Watchman Nee)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Chickens in the CrabApples

Practical Homemaking

Chickens in the Crab-Apples
(The Little Details in Life)

Little things. Small details that can be so easily ignored. I have recently been finding the time and pleasure in them. The other morning I looked out the window and noticed two of our chickens in the crab-apple tree, eating the fruit! I instantly thought of the "12 days of Christmas" (And a partridge in a pear tree). It made me laugh. It was 18 degrees or so, but I thought -- you know, I should take a picture. I stopped washing dishes ad hurried outside after wrapping a scarf around my ears, to take a few pictures. To my amusement, the entire flock of chickens followed me out to the garden and watched me as I photographed their silly kin in the tree. Small moment. Relished and saved.

Today I had a hundred and one things to do. You know, that never ending list of "to do". But I decided I would make Gluten-Free Sourdough. The sticky dough looked so scrumptious as I roughly whipped it and plunked it into the blue glass pan. I thought -- I should take a picture. So I did. Making bread by scratch is an art. It's satisfying to create something that looks beautiful, is healthy, and so simply domestic as a loaf of bread. The aroma filled the house. I slathered butter on top and served it just like that, in it's wholesome plainness as lunch for mom. Small details. Perfect.  

One recent morning I took the time to write about the sunrise and the emotions it created:

"What beauty in a rural misty morning in light of an Autumns sun. Frozen evergreens stand stark against the pale blue sky and the frost glitters on the cedar out my window. Cold beauty. But a lovely reminder of Jesus' delight in the details.
The sun is already burning in it's pale winters coat...reminds me of early Christmas mornings, creaking down the stairs, starting the coffee and snuggling on the couch -- waiting. Waiting for Mom and Dad while feasting our eyes on the plump stockings lining the stair case.
I close my eyes and smile on the many past Christmas'. Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus, hot wassail, Grandma wrapped in a red knitted blanket next to the Christmas tree, Grandpa, handsome and smiling over us as chaos reigns. He has always smelled of the same sweet-spicy cologne and ever since I can remember his hands have been soft and full of comforting wrinkles. Mom in her jammies, with packages stacked all around her, too excited to see us open our gifts to open her own. Dad with his cup of coffee rubbing his socked feet together in simple pleasure. Smiling faces, wrapping paper, snowflakes, merry voices and coffee perking.
I open my eyes and the sun has climbed the morning's time to go down stairs. I just had to write. I'm so blessed. There's no other way to say it."

Quiet little moment, treasure and recorded. Check. How beautiful our days are if we would only take the time to notice, record it, express it, and even share it. Some people rush through life as if their death date is their goal. It is so easy to allow stresses, bills, anxieties and cares weigh us down. But it's just as easy to give them all up and open our eyes. The best way to notice life's details is to start.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Health and Beauty

Spicy Chocolate

The Bulk Herb Store

Okay, so when I saw the above pictures and Shoshanna's claim that her chocolate recipe boasts dozens of vitamins, minerals and enzymes I KNEW I had to check it out.  :)


2 cups coconut oil
3 heaping Tablespoons honey
1/2 Tablespoon vanilla
1/2 teaspoon celtic sea salt
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon powder
1 cup cooca powder
3 pinches cayeene powder

I made it the other night and ate it all up before being able to take photos of it to share with you!  Whoops.  Haha.  Yep, it was that good.  (I used a combination of stevia powder and stevia drops instead of honey since I am unable to have even natural sugars yet....but honey is packed with yummy and nutritious goodness for you!  So you don't have to substitute!).

To watch Shoshanna make her chocolate please click here!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Whilomly Day

Practical Homemaking

A Whilomly Day 

I wonder if I am old fashioned?  I love early mornings, ancient  books that you can smell, wool sweaters, plaid ribbon, hand-written letters, old hymns, hats, witty humor, chivalry, and good conversation face to face.  

I spent just the other day in a whilomly sort of way -- 

The air smelled of wood smoke and pine.  The familiar path into the woods, the laughter in the forest of my siblings and friends, the pruning of evergreen boughs....the clamping of the wreath machine; they all brought back memories. 
 Nostalgia is like a warm cup of soup on a cold winters day. You don't realize just how good it is until you partake and afterwards it leaves you feeling warm and filled. 

Several years in a row my family and friends have been making old fashioned wreaths for the businesses in our local area.  Whilomly Wreaths.  Whilomly being an outdated word for "old fashioned".  This year we were greeted by customers that remembered us and eagerly ordered their old fashioned wreaths.  Downtown they are putting up lights.  Shops are already decorating and you can feel it...the Christmas spirit is flooding the gates, just ready to spill over and take everyone captive.  Soon we all will be humming with Bing and making lists and baking gingerbread cookies.  The thick blackstrap molasses ones from mom's old Betty Crocker cookbook, that melt in your mouth when you dunk them in coffee. 

There is something to be said for our modern day.  Really the past can't be made without a present.  But then I can't help but relish those little things in life.  So often modern means chintzy, temporary, fast paced, processed or generic.  The details are so easily missed by the majority today.  And for some reason Christmas brings back that innocence to our distracted grown-up minds and suddenly people are warmed and filled by holiday memories.   

Somehow a fresh-pine scented wreath triggers the old-fashioned soul in us.  For me there's a refreshing satisfaction about being "out of vogue".  Replacing the China plastic with something I made, something that symbolizes how it used to be.  I hope my whilomly day can remind you to stop and take the time to try adding a little old fashionedness to your day. So whether you are placing a plaid ribboned wreath on your front door, knitting mittens, reading an ancient smelly book, drinking tea or baking cookies, I hope you can revel in it and find the same enjoyment I have found in having a whilomly day.   

Friday, November 14, 2014

Quote of the Day

It is not, of course, that prayer changes God, or awakens in Him purposes of love and compassion which He has not already felt. No, it changes us, and herin lies its glory and its purpose. It helps us to utter dependence upon God and gives Him the opportunity to confirm our trust in Him and experience His grace in a way which would be absolutely impossible otherwise. He has got everything ready and planned in order to meet all our needs before ever we realize what they are.

But in order to teach us this joy of utter dependence and trust, He waits for us to ask. And perhaps He allows us to miss a great deal and suffer needless deprivations just because we say 'Prayer doesn't change God and He knows what I need'. No, Prayer doesn't change God, but not to make our requests known in joyful trust does deprive Him of the joy of granting our requests, and it does deprive us of the joy of experiencing His loving, intimate interest in every detail of our lives.”

 ~ Hannah Hurnard “Hearing Heart” p. 60  

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Maid Arise Coming SOON

Maid Arise (the book) is Coming Soon!

I finished re-submitting my manuscript to the publishers with my new changes.  They just sent it back today and there seems to be a slight hiccup.  I would like to pray just for these last few steps to go smoothly.  It has been such an adventure so far....only getting harder, and I would appreciate your prayers for this project.  

Really excited to be almost done!

Saturday, November 8, 2014



Grain-Free Tortillas?  Really?  This caught my eye since my innards still refuse to process most starches/carbs.  Guess what these yummy looking tortillas are made from?  Yucca and Plantain.  

Homemade Tortillas - Grain free and Paleo and Vegan. An ingenius use of just a few ingredients make a fabulous recipe for those on special diet.

So you are probably thinking...."Uh, yeah....perfect....I'm sure I have that on my pantry somewhere....NOT!  What in the world is Yucca and Plantain?"

Yucca is also called "Soapweed" or "Spanish Bayonet" with it's 45 different species growing in deserts throughout the world (mostly in North and Central America).  Almost all parts of the yucca is edible, mainly the root and blooms are what is considered tasty. 
Yucca is sold in many grocery stores but is not very popular.  Often it is skinned and pre-cut, and in the ethnic aisle. what is Plantain?  Actually it's a weed.  But it's a very tasty nutritious weed!  We actually have it growing out in our back yard, plus it can be found growing wild in most of North America, Europe and even parts of Asia.  We normally use it medicinally (if you chew it and smear on a bee sting it immediately brings down the swelling and helps with the pain!).  The entire plant is edible and can be eaten raw or cooked. 

BUT, I recently did some research and realized that the plantain that is called for in this recipe is actually a fruit!  I had never heard of it before.  I would actually be quite curious to hear from my readers to know whether you have every heard of it or tried it.

DSC_0024Plantain fruit looks a lot like a banana -- it's part of the banana family.   Plantain are more starchy with less sugar than "dessert bananas" and are normally cooked before being eaten.  In tropical regions plantain is a staple, eaten much the same way we would treat potatoes.   This makes a lot more sense to make a tortilla out of the fruit than the weed.  (Although plantain weed is totally edible, yet quite unrelated to Plantain fruit!)  :)  

You may have seen plantain chips before.  These are made out of the fruit.

For a tasty recipe for healthy plantain chips click here!


For the tortilla recipe please click  

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Applesauce and Inspiration

Practical Homemaking/Recipes 

Applesauce and Inspiration 

I thought I would share my little adventure in homemaking today.  Maybe it will inspire you to get into the kitchen and embrace your creative and or culinary side.  Today I made a batch of Apple-Pear Sauce with home-grown fruit that some friends had given to us.  Mom has been canning Pear Butter and Pear Mincemeat (yum!) the last few weeks but these left-over apples and pears were starting to get wrinkled and in dire need of using.  

I had read an article where the apples weren't peeled but only halved and cored and then cooked.  I decided to try.  And to my delight it made a beautiful pink sauce; just like the photos showed in the article.  But then I had a couple dozen wrinkly pears.  I decided to throw those in too.  The result -- delicious pink Apple-Pear Sauce.  :)  It made our house smell like autumn with all the cinnamon and allspice wafting from the big pot.  I loved it!  Plus I made my sauce without sugar.  I added just a few spoonfuls of honey.  Perfect.

Ah, the beauty of a day at home.  Beth and I went and delighted our hens with apple cores.  I then made a Applesauce Cake.  Now the entire household is happy. 

Pink Apple-Pear Sauce

Cored and halved Pink Apples
Peeled pears 
Lemon juice

Cook apples and pears in a copper bottom pot on low for 45 minutes with a little water to keep it from burning.  Add lemon juice.  (I cut my lemon in half, squeezed it and then dumped it into the pot).  Then stir in spices and honey to taste.  


And vola!

Will post the recipe of the Sugar-free, Dairy-free Applesauce Cake soon!  


Quote of the Day

" Go to the man who is carving a stone for a building; ask him where is that stone going, to what part of the temple, and how is he going to get it into place, and what does he do? He points you to the builder's plans. This is only one stone of many. So, when  men shall ask where and how is your little achievement going into God's plans, point them to your Master, who keeps the plans, and then go on doing your little service as faithfully as if the whole temple were yours to build." (Phillips Brooks)