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"And he put them all out, and took her by the hand, and called, saying, Maid arise." Luke 8:54

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Chickens in the CrabApples

Practical Homemaking

Chickens in the Crab-Apples
(The Little Details in Life)

Little things. Small details that can be so easily ignored. I have recently been finding the time and pleasure in them. The other morning I looked out the window and noticed two of our chickens in the crab-apple tree, eating the fruit! I instantly thought of the "12 days of Christmas" (And a partridge in a pear tree). It made me laugh. It was 18 degrees or so, but I thought -- you know, I should take a picture. I stopped washing dishes ad hurried outside after wrapping a scarf around my ears, to take a few pictures. To my amusement, the entire flock of chickens followed me out to the garden and watched me as I photographed their silly kin in the tree. Small moment. Relished and saved.

Today I had a hundred and one things to do. You know, that never ending list of "to do". But I decided I would make Gluten-Free Sourdough. The sticky dough looked so scrumptious as I roughly whipped it and plunked it into the blue glass pan. I thought -- I should take a picture. So I did. Making bread by scratch is an art. It's satisfying to create something that looks beautiful, is healthy, and so simply domestic as a loaf of bread. The aroma filled the house. I slathered butter on top and served it just like that, in it's wholesome plainness as lunch for mom. Small details. Perfect.  

One recent morning I took the time to write about the sunrise and the emotions it created:

"What beauty in a rural misty morning in light of an Autumns sun. Frozen evergreens stand stark against the pale blue sky and the frost glitters on the cedar out my window. Cold beauty. But a lovely reminder of Jesus' delight in the details.
The sun is already burning in it's pale winters coat...reminds me of early Christmas mornings, creaking down the stairs, starting the coffee and snuggling on the couch -- waiting. Waiting for Mom and Dad while feasting our eyes on the plump stockings lining the stair case.
I close my eyes and smile on the many past Christmas'. Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus, hot wassail, Grandma wrapped in a red knitted blanket next to the Christmas tree, Grandpa, handsome and smiling over us as chaos reigns. He has always smelled of the same sweet-spicy cologne and ever since I can remember his hands have been soft and full of comforting wrinkles. Mom in her jammies, with packages stacked all around her, too excited to see us open our gifts to open her own. Dad with his cup of coffee rubbing his socked feet together in simple pleasure. Smiling faces, wrapping paper, snowflakes, merry voices and coffee perking.
I open my eyes and the sun has climbed the morning's time to go down stairs. I just had to write. I'm so blessed. There's no other way to say it."

Quiet little moment, treasure and recorded. Check. How beautiful our days are if we would only take the time to notice, record it, express it, and even share it. Some people rush through life as if their death date is their goal. It is so easy to allow stresses, bills, anxieties and cares weigh us down. But it's just as easy to give them all up and open our eyes. The best way to notice life's details is to start.

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