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Monday, June 12, 2017

Pants vs Skirts

Spiritual Lessons
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By Guest Writer:  Arlene H.

I hate to state something so obvious but there are only a few reasons to wear a skirt:

1. You like them because you like to wear colors, have comfort & wipe your hands at the same time.
2. It is fun to swish in them while you dance with your kids.
3. It is a cool way to stay warm if you live where it's cold.
4. It's a hot way to stay cool if you live where it's warm.
5. You can write on them... which is fun and provoking to the culture around you.

There is absolutely nothing moral about SKIRTS Regardless of whether they are part of the Uniform of the Local Religious Social Club or not.

For my part, I am inclined this summer toward shorts and spaghetti strap tanks for a change. It works better for the new Otts Basin running club, and... Everyone in my town has already seen all my messages anyway.

The irony about silly uniforms is that they change but the fact of their existence does not. Men create things to comply with and the rules they create always tend toward self-righteous piety and isolation of Christians... Which is exactly what Satan wants. All of it is much more flesh pleasing and much less difficult than true Christianity.

Morality is action.
Love is good works.

Idolize no one but Christ and do not adopt and settle for trite religiosity like dress codes... cause Satan would like for you to set yourself apart with these things and channel people's energy into outward expression. Don't settle for pleasing men who change and whose breath is in their nostrils. FEAR GOD.

If you live in one of these religious clubs with dress codes, realize it for what it is. If you struggle with jealousy and are caught up in thinking that problems that you have in your marriage or that problems other people have in their marriages will be solved by women wearing skirts... Realize that is a Satanic facade to keep you from seeing the real problem and to keep you from looking inward. Having a soft heart and falling in love with your husband is really where it's at and would go much further.

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