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Friday, March 10, 2017

Spiritual Abuse

Spiritual Lessons
Spiritual Abuse 

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Part I

Abuse is common in the church house.

Yep, you heard me. There is spiritual abuse going on in the the Western Church. Truth is twisted and authority misused to support the insecurities or the power trips of church leadership. And people refuse to acknowledge it. They've been duped into a false authority that strips them of their liberty to follow Christ. They are kept in a rigid religious militia.

And how can I say this? Well, dare to question your commanding officer and watch as the labeling begins, the rebuke, the belittling, disbelief, misunderstanding... and maybe even excommunication. My experience with Pastoral dictatorship is not unique. Many know exactly what I'm talking about. For those of you who don't, I encourage you to take off your spiritual blinders and have a look around.

Are pastors the one to blame? It is certain that many promote and administrate abuse. But they are simply instruments of false Christianity. So who is to blame for the continuation of widespread spiritual abuse? Well...

Who agrees to conform? Who has pressed themselves to meet expectations? Who agrees to the check-list Christianity? Who unquestioningly grovels? Who fears men? Who gives homage to traditions? Who is obsessed with meeting the five-star Christian criteria? Who idolizes authority? Who remains silent? Who fails to draw boundaries? Who subjugates themselves to total dependence? Who swallows the idea that love forgives the non-repentant and ignores atrocities in non-judgmental, long-suffering?

WE do.

We are at fault for the continuation of false authority. If Christians would wake up and acknowledge their own apathy they could hold their pastors accountable and stop the epidemic of abusive authority. We need to bravely unchain our minds, even at the risk of rocking the boat. We need to stand up and protect ourselves, and others. Not to is selfish. If we simply leave but say nothing we are allowing abuse to continue.

The Church has alienated itself from Christ and His commandments. The body is asleep instead of harmoniously functioning. The leadership has grown fat on the sheep's unholy worship. And the lost go to Hell because Christians won't acknowledge their own sinful state.

Don't be a willing victim. Repent. Say something. Don't allow abuse. 

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  1. Loved this Toni,wonderfully written my dear. :) Looking forward to the next part,love you.