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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Health and Beauty

Fresh Modesty 
Dressing Outside Your Box But Inside His Book!

Finding modest clothes really isn't the easiest thing in the world.  When I first found Olivia's site: I was thrilled.  It gave me quite a few good ideas.  And then Olivia decided to start her own web store selling modest skirts!  I knew I should share with all of you.  Her store is called Fresh Apparel. They are in the process of launching Fresh Apparel’s first style of denim skirts, thanks to a successful Kickstarter Campaign.  In the founder's Olivia's words --  "In a world of skinny jeans and tight pencil skirts, it is hard to find a fuss-free modest skirt and even more difficult to find one that’s stylish as well. We hope to fill that void." 

Check out Olivia's site

Together let’s discover ways to be "Cute, but covered. Stylish, but sensible! Contemporary, but classic! Feminine, but fresh!"

Little Disclaimer:  I do want to let you girls know that I don't agree with everything on Olivia's blog and even find some of her clothing options border-line immodest.  Please use your own judgement and realize I do not condone every outfit shown on Fresh Modesty's blog.  :)

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