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"And he put them all out, and took her by the hand, and called, saying, Maid arise." Luke 8:54

Monday, October 26, 2015

A Witness

Spiritual Lessons

A Witness

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I swiveled in my chair to watch as she stepped out the door and confidently walked down the brick steps. I watched her leave the office and my heart grieved for her lost soul and it yearned for her salvation.  I almost cried right there in the office it was so strong.  God is reaching out to her through me and it hurts.  And He isn't reaching through me because I'm this special, usable tool, but because He lives in me and yearns for her soul, and when He is presented before her, He reaches out.  I simply am the container of the Love.  Love reaches out in pure, deliberate desire and concern and care.  It's not me, or my love.  It's Love Himself.  I'm the hands, the mouthpiece, the vessel.  Why does He choose to use weak fallible vessels?  I'm just the little box He resides in.  
It's almost overwhelming when He over-powers my pitiful emotions and intellect and stretches out and grasps for someone I wouldn't ordinarily try to reach.  There's such a difference between me wanting to bring someone to Christ, and when God Himself is grasping.  
His is more passionate, an urgent plea.  He hurts to have her.  He is moved by her state.  It's not a mission or a challenge, it's a cry, a calling out, an intense yearning.  He has invested everything -- it means so much to Him.  It's not a duty, but the very dearest desire of His heart.  He rents my heart in order to stretch out His hand towards her.  And I am awed by His love.  Nothing selfish.  What does He gain but the soul of a finite being?  And yet He pines for her.  Every chance He knocks, woos, cries out, because He cares.  And He plants me in her path and uses incapable, awkward, mistake-prone me.  He must really enjoy extending lovingkindness through incapable, unthinkable, silly people.  


I have realized that God sees each lost person with inconceivable love and compassion. He longs for their soul. His hand is constantly extended to the wicked. Not just the drug addict, the prostitute, the stereotype that comes to mind, but the people we know – the neighbor we detest, the mean check-out lady at the grocery store, the heartless man who slandered our name. He cries out for them also.

Practically speaking, how does God “reach out” to these people He longs for? Us! God chooses to use His children as His arms and hands to reach the lost. It is my opinion that if we could see humanity through Jesus' eyes for a moment, we would have a different heart when it comes to souls.

The love of God is supposed to be shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost. (Romans 5:5). Not only is the Holy Spirit our comforter, He also is the power that throbs inside us to save the damned.

I think our purpose on earth is multifaceted, but certainly it cannot be argued that at least a sliver of that purpose is to reach the dying. Recently I have been convicted of how imperative it is that I personally fulfill His will in this commandment. The “Great Commission” did not exclude women.

Outside of my church and my family, what am I personally doing to reach the lost? Certainly, if it is God's desire that we share Jesus with unbelievers, He must have a plan on how I am to do this. Have I ever thought to ask Him?

Jesus says to go out. He says the fields are white with harvest. He says He desires to be proved, to show Himself strong. He says to sow in the morning and in the evening, not to withhold our hand since we have no idea when that seed will prosper. (Ecc. 11:6). He asks that we stop looking at people but through them.

He would be glad to delay the death of the wicked if we would just ask. Christ dared to ask for the wicked – will we?

Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession.” Psalm 2:8

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  1. This was really good Toni. I appreciated Psalms 2:8. What a thought. That God would give the salvation of the lost if we but asked! Thanks for posting.

  2. Really wonderful job Toni, very encouraging to me. To think, we have but to ask! Thanks for sharing. :)