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Monday, March 28, 2016

Modest and Concealed Carry

Conceal Carry Modestly 

For a while now I have carried a .38 Taurus revolver for self defense.  In the near future I would like to conceal carry so I can take my Taurus more comfortably to more places.  Open carry is legal here in Idaho without a permit, but it also makes some people uncomfortable, and honestly can be inappropriate for some places and circumstances.

But a question has risen as to modestly.  How do you conceal carry and still be modest.  As I have researched this myself I thought I would share my findings.  It can be a little tricky, but it can be done!

Conceal Carry with Pants:

My first searching brought me to one of my favorite modesty bloggers Olivia Howard of Fresh Modesty.  I honestly am not totally sold out on her outfit as being perfectly modest -- but it did give me a great idea!  Tunics over pants.  (Her tunic wasn't quite long enough for me...I'd feel uncomfortable wearing it).  But here is her outfit idea...


Interesting to note is Olivia's holster. It's from T-Rex Arms and is honestly a great idea, although a little spendy. ($80-$145)

Another holster I found is the VersaCarry.  It is an inside the waistband holster for a .38 revolver.  This is also a less expensive option.  Click HERE to view. ($16.49 on Amazon)

But one of my favorite holsters I've found so far is the Urban Carry holster.  It is middle of the road as far as expense, and it looks more versatile and comfortable that the Versa Carry.  But both of these holsters will only work with a stiff waistlined skirt or pants.

 Image result for the urban carry conceal holster image

Click HERE for a video on how this holster works. (Approx. $65)

And the Pocket holster:

Image result for pocket holster for .38 revolvers
Someone might ask -- why not just put your gun in your purse?  These are the reasons I find it not ideal --
1. The first thing someone takes from you if you're being robbed is your purse.
2. A gun is a lot harder to locate in a purse.  In most circumstances we won't have time to dig through our purse.

Jo, owner of Empower Firearms Training and certified NRA firearms instructor gives a few tips if you are compelled to carry in your purse:

Jo, owner of Empower Firearms Training, is an NRA certified instructor. Photos courtesy Empower Firearms Training. "If you are not using a purse specifically designed for [conceal carry] it is useful to do the following.  Choose a purse that has at least two compartments.  Designate one to be your carry compartment and do not put anything else in there.  Should you need to access your gun in a hurry, you don't want to be rummaging through lipsticks and hairbrushes to get to it!  I also recommend securing a holster within your purse.  Choose a position that will ensure that your tun is consistently and properly placed for a quick draw scenario.  On that same train of though, practice whether you find it easier to draw from a purse suspended around your dominant or non-dominant shoulder.  Be sure to figure out an identifying factor (for example the zip tassel will always be facing front on the one you'll be carrying) and get yourself into the habit of always putting your purse into that position.  when seconds count and your adrenaline is already running high, familiarization with an action is a key factor.  Your advance planning and habituation will eliminate wasted time in a crucial moment.  Also e prepared to shoot through your purse -- even if it'a an expensive designer one.  Go to your local charity store and pick up a few cheap purses similar in style, then take them to the range and shoot through them."                        
Designer Carry Conceal Purse  Click HERE for more 
                                                    Great Advice for wearing tunics with pants from Olivia.  Click Here.                                            
Designer Concealed Carry Teton Bag

Conceal Carry with Skirts

Another blogger "Gingham at Five-Thirty" shares her choice of dress for concealed carry.

She also wears a holster/corset.

Dene Adams Corset Holster, small

These are amazing -- but also on the expensive side.  Click HERE to visit Dene Adam's site.

Conceal Carry with Dresses:

While wearing a dress the thigh holster is a possible choice.  Or a belly band.
Jo, owner of Empower Firearms Training is an NRA certified instructor modeling her thigh holster. Click HERE for full article.

jo dress

Image result for belly band for revolvers

                                       Belly Band By Armed in Heels $40.99 Click HERE

Gracie from "Packing Pretty" shares her advice with conceal carrying fashionably"
"Once you have chosen your carry method, you need to follow through with it by adapting your wardrobe.  Options for carrying in a dress: If you have a smaller carry gun, some great options for carrying concealed in a dress are the compression short holster and the belly band. For a full size sidearm I simply wear jean shorts with an inside the waistband holster underneath the dress.
**Check out Gracie's video blog (before she knew about Compression Short Holsters from Armed in Heels)**

Personally I am not a huge fan of the thigh holster or the ankle holster. Considering that most ADs (Accidental Discharges) happen when the carrier is either drawing or re-holstering their gun, the placement of the thigh holster is not optimal. The muzzle of the gun is constantly pointing at your femoral artery. If you accidentally shoot yourself in the femoral artery you will likely bleed out in less than a minute (before the ambulance arrives). The ankle holster takes more training and practice. In order to draw from the ankle, you will need to kneel down. This extra fraction of a second can cost you. All this being said; the ankle and thigh holsters are still viable options for discreet carry.
Of course, the key is to train and become proficient in the techniques and methods you choose to use. This means practicing safely drawing, getting your sights on target and shooting under stress or time limits.
               ** Remember to Check out Gracie's Blog at!**


Life in a Shoe shares her experience in choosing a gun for conceal carry.


Armed in Heels

Conceal Carry on Pinterest

...To be Continued...

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  1. Most helpful and informative. Thanks Toni. :)

  2. Definitely one of my favorite posts Toni,really loved it. :)I really liked all the different ideas,there is a also a really neat Clip you can get for carrying your gun. It's called a Techna Clip,one of my brothers has one and it is super neat. I would totally recommend it!
    Also wanted to mention (not sure if you've heard this) but on July 1st of this year Idaho residents age 21 or older will be allowed to carry a concealed firearm without a permit! Super excited about that! :)
    Anyhow I loved this post Toni,thanks for sharing. Love you,


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