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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Can the Church be Enemies of God?

Spiritual Lessons

Can “the Church” be enemies of God?

I reflect on the many “Christians” I have talked with on the subject of love, murder and the gospel.

Many of them claimed that love is being friendly. Love ignores sin. Love accepts and never judges. That murder is only murder when the victim is a certain age or is wanted or not the product of rape. And that the gospel is: Jesus forgives and loves you. Period.

The Christians at Planned Parenthood scream “Jesus loves ME” before going in to murder their baby. And who convinced them of that? The Christian at church.

It was a Christian who stomped a baby model into the street, a Christian who howled at my “Image of God” sign. It was a Christian driving out of the church parking lot that flipped me off while trying to hand him a gospel tract. The Christian lesbian tried to explain to me how “love does not judge” and it was her Christian pastor that told her so.

Instead of engaging the darkness, being the salt, judging righteously, being a light, compassionately pulling people out of the fire, loving our neighbors, the “Christian” has tried to become the world's friend.

“...Know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? Whosoever therefore will b a friend of the world is the enemy of God...” James 4:4

Just as Jesus fought against Israel and called them an enemy for rebelling and vexing Him, He does so to the conventional Church. Isaiah 63. He rejects and hates our worship and songs when we have tolerated, condoned, prolonged and justified our modern Moloch. Our nation literally murders children on the alter of self and convenience. And we Christians stand by and watch. Amos 5.

It's not just the mega churches. Joel Olistein's church. Or the liberal churches. The majority of conservative, even small churches have failed to be truly Christian. Once upon a time to be Christian meant to be bold as lions. A voluntary martyr. You were a world shaker. A non-conformist. Christ-like. A relationship with Christ was merely a result, not the purpose of your Christianity. Total obedience and trials and working faith were matters of rejoicing.

Now to be "Christian" means you're emotional. You are passive. You only love worship. You listen, learn, submit...but doing, teaching, edifying are forgotten. You're sleepy. You are a friend of the world. And you condone sin.

Yes Christians, the Church can be enemies of God. And we will be judged. Christians must be awakened, or warned. Christians are either asleep or lost.

Wake up church. This isn't a joy ride. We're in the middle of a battle.

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