Luke 8:54

"And he put them all out, and took her by the hand, and called, saying, Maid arise." Luke 8:54

Monday, June 16, 2014


Spiritual Lessons 


And Jesus answered and said...Martha, Martha, thou art careful and troubled about many things...” Luke 10:41

Why do we worry? Really though, ask yourself the question.
I know that I become anxious when I feel it's my responsibility to make sure I do something in order for the necessities of life to be accomplished. Lately this has included my jobs, health and bills.

Consider the ravens: for they neither sow nor reap; which neither have storehouse nor barn; and God feedeth them: how much better are ye than the fowls?” Luke 12:24

Why worry then? be honest -- because I feel like if I tried hard enough I could make it happen. Aren't I responsible for these things?

Consider the lilies, how they grow: they toil not, then spin not ye what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink, neither be ye of doubtful mind.” Luke 12:27-29

Not only am I not responsible to keep ends meeting, but I shouldn't sit on the side line doubting His providence either. God points out in this same chapter that it is the World that worries and seeks after necessities, but my Father, who is a good Father, “knoweth that ye have need of these things.” (v.30)

It has become easy to leave Him with my desires and wants because He has proven Himself faithful in knowing what is best for me. But He asks the same abandonment in my needs. God is my Father, and a Father's job is to provide. I am not meant to be a Provider. But guess who is? He is. I am to seek after Him and His kingdom and His will and He takes care of my needs. “Fear not little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give...” (v.32).

He knows our need and He said He will provide. Why waste energy on worrying? Is God a liar? Did He promise providence so we might be fooled into starvation? I don't think so.

And having food and raiment let us be therewith content.” 1 Timothy 6:8 

 It's actually an exciting place to be.  I don't need more than what He has already been providing. It isn't an accident that I am in this place of need. Perhaps He is preparing me for a future time? To be here in full dependence on His providence is the same thrill someone gets who jumps off the cliff, knowing it's all going to be okay because tied to his back is his parachute. I've chosen to jump – might as well do it without carefulness and trouble.

I once read a book title called “When You Fall: Dive”.  It made me smile.  You know, if I'm going, I'm going all the way. If I feel I can't give up all of me, than it's a clue that “me owns me”. That I haven't trusted Him with me. Is my life so precious to me that I cannot give it away? Am I that capable of saving myself?  I'd rather jump with Him providing, than stay on the cliff's edge hoping I can do it myself.

Let your conversation be without covetousness, and be content with such things as ye have...” Hebrews 13:5

This verse convicted me. I try hard not to complain about foods I wish I could eat and the mundane foods I have to eat over and over, but I know that I do it anyway. Christ will have to guard my mouth and place a content spirit in my heart. Contentedness springs from thankfulness. And how I am to be thankful, why I can be thankful, is found in the rest of the verse – “...for he hath said, I will never leave thee not forsake thee.” (v.5)

I can be content with my weight, my singleness, my food, my health, my jobs, because He is the Provider. He is in control. He can manage my life, He can hold me up...all I have to do is jump. He won't leave me.

 In the things I have no control in (like when I thought I might have lymphoma) I could cast it on Him because I had no other option of “fixing” it myself. I could not.  But the little things...this is where the enemy is concentrated. Satan is satisfied with a 1 degree turn in my attitude. And it isn't just in attitude toward jobs, health, bills, but relationships as well.

Has it ever occurred to us that Jesus may have entrusted those hard relationships to us? Maybe it it someone that grates on our nerves, maybe someone who has wronged us (or a loved one) or maybe someone that is interested in us. Could Jesus have allowed them in our lives because He wants to teach them lessons through us?  Did He trust that He can reach those people through us? 

 Perhaps He chose you to be the instrument in which to love that person that grates on people's nerves. Maybe He has picked you to be the one in which He can forgive that person who has wronged others. Maybe He has allowed that person to be attracted to you so they may learn purity of heart and giving up desires and distractions...and you are just the object lesson. Maybe you are the only “safe” young woman that He could use...He trusts that you will be a sister in Christ who cherishes that persons purity and will at all costs defend it. Even if it costs you the pleasure of being admired. Maybe He trusts you to defend their purity from your own fleshly desire. Maybe it isn't about us after all.

Content with such things as we have. Jobs, health, bills, relationships. He is trustworthy. Here I am Lord...clutching You....honestly I'm a little scared, but determined not to doubt you...I close my eyes and am overwhelmed by the memories of your past faithfulness...I'll jump.


  1. Praise the Lord! He is indeed faithful. How neat you should write about relationships being entrusted to us. I wrote of this very thing in my journal not too long ago. Instead of asking God "Why?" I have asked Him to show me how to minister in thankfulness as unto Him. Thank you for sharing. :)

    1. Thank you Sara for sharing your appreciation. Thank the Lord He doesn't condemn us for asking "why" but how much sweeter is it to offer a sacrifice of thanksgiving, even when we don't understand "why"? Your comment was a blessing. Thank you.

  2. This was such a blessing to me Toni. Thank you for sharing it. I really appreciated your thoughts. No, "maybe it isn't about us after all". Amazing thought- that God entrusts us with relationships. That you can be a "safe" person to use. What a blessing that we can jump...knowing that He is not only jumping right along with us...but that He is also there to catch us at the bottom. He is faithful. We can jump. :)

    1. Aw Nay....I thought about you while writing this. :) It is so true! He is there...never forsaking us....and we don't have to be concerned... with open arms He calls "jump".