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Saturday, February 7, 2015


Spiritual Lessons/ Health and Beauty 

I would like to submit to you a post written by guest writer Melissa Bickish.  I sincerely enjoyed it and would love to hear what you think!


I recently read a very different book. It was written by a preacher during the 2nd world war period. He had some amazing things to say from a MAN’s perspective. You don’t often hear a guy’s perspective of modesty, beauty, femininity and purity.  I wanted to share with you some of my favorite quotes. He encouraged me in modesty, keeping a really high-standard, and my already existing convictions against flirtation, etc. I hope that this encourages someone else as much as it did me.  They are kind of random without much order, but what he has to say is very honest and encourages woman to continue in our pursuit of modesty, purity, and feminine beauty.

God never made anything so beautiful as a beautiful girl. From her hair, which the Apostle Paul calls her crowning glory, and her eyes, which carry the sparkle of the diamond of god’s sunshine itself, and her beautiful complexion, which is most beautiful when it is healthy and natural; from her teeth, like a row of pearls, to the tip of her dainty feet, as she moves with grace across the path of a young man’s vision, she is altogether adorable. I do not wonder that the young man should fall head over heels in love with such a vision of loveliness.”
In commenting on present-day laxity of girls regarding their make-up and manners, a college lad recently said, ‘ of course fellows will play around with girls of that kind, but inwardly they despise them’. Far too often in these days, we see girls that by their very actions are labeled ‘cheap’… Any well-bred young man will instinctively lift his hat with reverence and respect, and thus honor modest, sincere, Christian womanhood.”
In speaking of a girl permitting liberties… “ He loses all his former respect for her because she is willing to permit those unbecoming intimacies, and about nine times out of ten he will shortly cast her aside for another. He is probably laughing at her, and is saying to himself that if she permits his advances, she would yield her favors to the approaches of some other young man.”

The worthwhile young man is not interested in making his purchases at the counter plainly marked ‘soiled goods’.
Every truthful young man would admit that the has the greatest respect for the girl whose general bearing is constantly warning him- not necessarily with words, but by her every act- ‘hands off.’ As one young man expressed it, ‘ Any girl should know that the young man always wants that one which is hardest to get.’
,,, Therefore it makes little difference whether the physical virginity is lost or not, if that maidenly purity of heart be gone, in the sight of God it is sensuality, and her chastity, the greatest element of a girl’s attractiveness has been destroyed.”

There is nothing more disgusting to a worth-while young man than a girl who is ‘boy-crazy’. With her light-headed giggling, squealing, affected and designing maneuvers, she may think she is making a ‘hit’, but in fact she is utterly despised by every decent chap in the community. However, such a girl may be highly attractive to the young fellows who think one so silly might be easy prey to their improper intentions.”
We find in these days a steady trend to immodesty of dress, and the sad part of it is that most young girls are willfully ignorant of the effect this has upon the men… but I am hereby serving notice on you that the decent, respectable men or our country, whether in the church or out of it, are absolutely disgusted with the manner in which modern women are dressing.” ( This was written in 1938! I can’t even imagine what this man would have said about today’s dress code!!! ) “The partially concealed charms of a woman have always proved to be one of the most severe temptations to sexual immorality that any man has ever been compelled to face.”

 “Women are the best missionaries of the cause of Purity. Just let them make it known that they will refuse to marry men who fail to bring to the bridal chamber the same purity which men expect from womanhood, and it will start the greatest moral revolution since the Reformation.”
Put your standards high, yield yourself wholly to the will of God and make your future a matter of earnest prayer. You may be sure that God is far more interested in having His divine purpose carried out in your life than you yourself could possibly be…. Certainly God is both able and willing to make his will known to His children, and especially in that which is of such tremendous importance to us both for time and eternity. Let every Christian girl stand her ground and look to God for a perfect fulfillment of His will in her life.
There are many marriages which God never had anything to do.”
“… next to our conversion and eternal salvation the most important step is that of marriage.”
Girls don’t let your actions advertise ‘Man wanted quick’ for that is the surest way of not getting a real one. You might get something with pantaloons on, but that is not necessarily a man, let alone being a real gentlemen.”
Every worthwhile young man, whether he admits it or not, has the greatest respect for the young woman who lives and dares to stand up and defend her Christian principles.”

~ Oscar Lowry 


  1. This was really good to read and certainly encouraging in our pursuit to be Godly, chaste young women. It's interesting because, it is never the "men" (whether in worldly or Christian circles) that disdain and openly show their disgust towards dressing modestly and femininely. It is the women. (Whether young, or middle-aged, or elderly.) I think it convicts them or threatens their feminist views, whereas, men generally will find something to respect in it. At least, that's been my observation. Thanks for sharing this Liss and for posting it Toni.

  2. Thanks Liss, this is really encouraging. And I totally agree with you Nay. Usually attack on this area comes from woman. It is so refreshing to see modest woman. And then doubly refreshing to hear this man's perspective. Any time I have ever talked to godly young men, this has been their perspective. Pastors, my brothers, my brothers Christian friends, married men to my girlfriends. They all appreciate and respect modest women.

  3. Wonderful job Liss! This was a blessing to read, you don't hear this very often at all. It encouraged me!
    Thanks Liss,

  4. So, glad it was encouraging. Nay is right. I particularly felt 'disdained' on my cruise. There was one morning that I got 3 'looks'. Not, "oh what is she wearing looks" , but " She looks like she's under submission, disdainful, rejecting, disgusted looks... and they were all 'older' women. I've decided it must convict them or something for them to respond this way. I wonder if they even really know why they feel that way. Let me also just say, that modesty the Biblical way can be appealing. You don't have to look like you're in a sack... and you can be modest. Guys, LOST guys respect this. They open doors, nod heads and generally treat you better than others around you. It is important to remember, guys don't disdain your modesty, they respect it.

  5. Just wanted to say that I really liked you comment Liss! It is amazing to think that lost guys respect it! I have noticed that we are treated differently then other girls because of the way we dress/act. It is amazing how most women think that skirts are uncomfortable/our of fashion, to them skirts are from the past. It is strange. I would much rather be the "weird one" and dress modestly then blend in with the way they dress.
    I hope that made sense. Thanks Liss for sharing,

  6. Yes Tasha, this does make sense. It is sometimes 'hard' to 'stick-out', but the alternative is almost unthinkable... I don't actually want to fit in. And it is true, Guys respect modesty...even when they are lost and ungodly... they respect a woman who has respect for herself.

    1. Thanks Liss!
      And the Anonymous comment below, very true!


  7. I agree totally with this as a man that works in the world, i have not thought of it quite like that before. women out in the world today are disgusting flaunting about what god gave them for the world to see. It is a truly rare occurrences to see a modest women, wen you do that is sumthing to admire. And than hope that one day you mite fined someone like that to marry, because they are getting vary vary rare...... But here is the other problem that men that are not sleazes are also vary rare.

  8. Thank you Anonymous man for your comment. It is always good to actually hear form a 'guy' about this topic. I had one young man tell me once that there are two kinds of girls: Ones you can 'play' with and the others you could take home to your mama... and that this young man appreciated modesty. Thanks for letting all of us know that modesty is admirable... it truly helps.

  9. Great quotes Liss. It's encouraging to have a guy's perspective. Some good food for thought. And some things to act on! :)