Luke 8:54

"And he put them all out, and took her by the hand, and called, saying, Maid arise." Luke 8:54

Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Cry for the Voiceless

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A Cry for the Voiceless

What was there to attract the Lord Jesus to these crowds? Their need, you answer. Yes, no doubt, their terrible need did move Him with compassion, to the hurting point. But was there more than this? Something He saw...some lingering trace of the Father's face in these faces? His eyes were very keen. He had seeing eyes. And these men have all been made in the Father's image. Has that image ever been wholly lost? – terribly blurred and scarred by sin, yes; but wholly lost? Do you think so? I think not.
Was it as though the Father's face cried out to Him out for these poor beaten faces? ...He says, 'inasmuch as ye did it to one of these my brethren, these least, ye did it unto me.' (Matt. Xxv.40)
...What is done for them is done to Him. Their need is His need.; their cry, His. It's Jesus coming to us in these crowds. Their need is Jesus Himself appealing to us. And the Jesus in us will answer with heart and life...the God image crowded back within is helped to get out into free expression.
You may not be sent to some distant field... Your personal place may be at home. But the crowd, the need, is everywhere; at home, in the social circle, and among the men in this dangerously prosperous land of ours. Need of body even here, and deeper need of spirit.
...the Spirit will guide. He has a passion for men in their need. He will take command of your life here as elsewhere. He will lead you into a life of personal service in helping man.” ~ S.D. Gordon

My brother Chris and I arrived at the Coeur D'Alene Fair at 10:00 am. We purchased our tickets and made our way to the booth. It was the first time I had ever seen the abolitionist booth. A very unassuming roofed structure with two tables and some posters stacked against it. I prayed. I wanted to be a support to Chris, and a blessing to these people.

Since we were the first to arrive, we started to hang up the poster signs. As I helped Chris clamp the posters, I read them. The one we were hanging said, “Which of these two human beings was conceived in rape?” I looked at the ultra-sound pictures. The two babies looked almost identical. Little heads, the outline of the nose, a little hand... Underneath the pictures it continued, “And which of these children does not have the right to live?”

This summer, Chris started to actively pursue evangelism. During “Lost in the 50's” Chris preached on the street for the first time. I feel it was a privilege to stand by and pray for him. I also helped him pass out gospel tracts to the crowd. During Sandpoint's Music Festival we also passed hundreds of tracts to the people waiting in line.

But this was the first time I would be directly involved with the abolitionist movement. For years I've desired to speak up against abortion and reach the women that contemplate having or have had one.  
Several years ago I wrote "The Choice" in an effort to do just that. And yet, that wasn't enough. I would inform people on my blog, and donate to the Life Crisis Pregnancy Center in Sandpoint . But I had readers write... “You're right...this is an atrocity. It is widely ignored. But what do we do about it?”

I never quite knew. And now, I found an outlet: AHA.  Here was an opportunity to actually speak out. 

Then came the crowd.

The mass of people, most of them there to enjoy themselves, were about to be burdened about murdered babies. My personality is to please people; I normally do not enjoy confrontation. But who was going to speak for these innocents? Many people stand up for the homeless, the abused, the molested, the orphaned, the poor -- all noble causes, but not many dare to speak for the voiceless.
With what we call drop-cards, we also passed out gospel tracts. I stepped out of my comfort zone and started approaching people.

As I began, the crowd no longer were a mass of strangers to me, but became individuals. Human beings, most of them deceived on the vital issue of life.  Present life and future.  We weren't only there to talk to them about the little lives aborted every day, but also their lives, as unsaved people, walking blindly into Hell.

Men and women ignore the fact that they are sinners. If we have ever stolen something we are a thief. If we've lied, even once, we are a liar. If we have looked on another person with lust, we have committed adultery in our heart. And if we have encouraged, condoned, or committed an abortion, we are a murderer. Our sin has made us an enemy with God. And as a just Judge, He is obligated to find us guilty.

Yet, “God commendeth His love towards us, in that, while we were yet sinners Christ died for us.” Jesus Christ took our punishment, then rose from the dead for us.  If we repent and trust Him, God will grant us everlasting life. There is hope, and His name is Jesus Christ.

I was able to talk to several people, whose faces are burnt into my minds eye. Faces with their Father's image traced in them. People who said hurtful things but behind their words were cries; cries from bitter hurting hearts. Others who shyly approached me with secret cries from used and wounded souls that didn't dare voice their pain.  Confused cries from empty souls.  S.D. Gordon's quote came back to me... "Their need is His need.; their cry, His. It's Jesus coming to us in these crowds. Their need is Jesus Himself appealing to us."

And I had the answer. I know the One who heals wounds, and fills voids. I realized, not only was I speaking for the voiceless babies, but also for the ones who held hurts in their hearts and didn't even know how to cry out. In a way, both the innocent and the guilty were in need of a voice.  That voice in the wilderness.  

One young lady I spoke with couldn't have been a day older than sixteen. She asked me what would “someone” do, if she were 13, and found herself pregnant, and she was scared....scared of her parents...scared of being a parent. What then?

As I watched her “come up” with this scenario, I realized she was speaking of herself. Here was my opportunity to be a voice.  

I shared that no matter the circumstances, and how that baby was conceived, like all babies, that baby was still a human being, made in the image of God, and therefore deserved to live. I told her I realized it would be a frightening situation, but to go through with an abortion would be committing murder.

My heart broke as I spoke to her. So this was compassion to the hurting point. This is what Jesus felt when He spoke to the crowd. They weren't a mass....they were individuals. Just as a baby isn't a mass of cells, but an individual human being.

I told her of Jesus. Even if that “someone” had an abortion, she could find healing and forgiveness through someone named Jesus.
Jesus... His name is a balm itself. In the midst of all the hate, all the disgruntled people, all of the ridicule, the emotions, the lost, the hurting, there was Jesus. How thankful I am to know Him!  I need to share Him!

A voice crying in the wilderness (John 1:23)

56 million babies have been murdered since 1973*. They need someone to cry out for them.

   56 million people died in the year 2012 worldwide**. They need someone to cry out to them.

Will you be a voice?




  1. I am so proud of both you and Chris for your courage and commitment and heart for God's children. I have a much different view of abortion now than I did when I was young and am grateful to God for allowing me to grow and learn and see through His eyes. I pray for that young girl and that she will turn to Jesus and allow Him to guide and protect and strengthen her as she faces her fears and decides what to do.

  2. I appreciate this post Toni. Speaking out for the voiceless, in more than one way. It is more than just the babies who are killed. It is also all the lost souls on their way to Hell. "Will we be a voice?" I want to be used of Him. I want to be a voice. Thank you for sharing this.