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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Knight #4

Spiritual Lessons

Here is this weeks Knight.  I hope these are as encouraging to you as they have been to me.  It is a blessing to realize that godly men appreciate the kind of women we aspire to be!  It's also assuring to know that such young men exist...  Like this Knight admonishes...we don't have to settle for less than who He has planned for us!

To see the questions I asked these young men please see this post.

Knight # 4
Age: 17
The two highly contested questions were as to whether young women should stay at home and whether external beauty should be primary focus.
First off is the mentality that if you stay at home you will never find a husband. That is completely false. I have seen too many great marriages that defy that and far too many bad marriages come from the world's 'traditional' approach.
The other misconception is that not moving out must lead to inactivity and 'dreaming your life away'. Having sisters, I can tell you that home is an essential place of preparation for marriage, both in observing the example of parents and in learning life skills.
Also the Bible never says anything against young women being entrepreneurs. The Bible example, the Proverbs 31 woman, 'Maketh fine linen and selleth it; and deliverith girdles onto the merchants'. Private enterprise and business such as I have seen from various Christian young women in the area, is in my mind productive and also helps prepare for the running of a household.
Secondly as to whether beauty should be your focus. While I would say that there should certainly be a prudent amount of cleanliness and tidiness, that falls under being a good steward of your body and shows an orderly character.
I also believe that there is a certain amount of danger if beauty becomes too much of a focus. Men, Christian or secular are naturally attracted to beauty, and if beauty is the only attribute used to attract a husband, a husband who is only interested in outward is what you will get. You want to be married to a man who has his priorities straight and puts God first.
I will move onto the last question as to expectation of a future wife.
First, to be a saved, conservative Christian of course, under which a lot of other points could fall. (Modesty, submission to her husband, disciplining and training up children in the Lord). Also a homemaker and a homeschooler, who would let God decide how many children she would be blessed with.
There is my opinion from what I have seen in the Bible and observed in life and I hope it helps. In closing I would just say that God has the perfect spouse in mind for all who he wishes to be married. Don't settle for anyone less than who he has planned.

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  1. So encouraging! I love how you reached out and asked the young men what they are thinking and believing.