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Friday, April 4, 2014

Liver Cleanse

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Okay, so maybe you don't think you need to cleanse your liver.  But when's the last time you did?  Uh-huh.  What would your house look like if you hadn't cleaned it for 20+ years? Eating a healthy diet is definitely a necessity to health but cleansing your liver is the next step to wellness that even a healthy diet can't do alone. I found this cleanse a while ago and was so excited because it wasn't abrasive, expensive...AND it didn't require multiple days of fasting. :)   If you get sick every round of the local flu bug, or you are feeling tired the majority of your day, or, if you are like me and have digestive health issues, this is the perfect cleanse for you!

Basically you will need:

Organic Apple Juice (2 gallons approximately)
A daily enema
3 Grapefruit
Epsom salts  (optional)
Olive oil
6 days of eating lightly

Here is the basic outline of the cleanse:

Day 1-5

Drink 32 ounces of organic apple juice throughout each day, between meals.  Start in the morning and finish before bed.  Don't drink with food.

Eat lightly throughout the day.  Although don't become a vegan.  Meat is important.  Stay away from dairy and sugar. Soup, stir fry, salads are all great options.  Don't forget your daily enema.

Day 6

This is the only "complicated" day.  And it really isn't that bad.
In the morning you drink 32 oz (4 cups) of apple juice before breakfast.

1:30 you start your fast.  Make sure to drink a generous amount of water

6:00 p.m.  Now comes the Epsom salt drink.  4 Tablespoons in 24 oz. of water.  (Yuck!  I actually skipped the Epsom salts.  It is a laxative.  But I found that I really didn't need it.  Plus I was concerned about the amount.  It seemed like a lot.)  Do not drink water 20 minutes before or after this Epsom salt drink.


Do an enema

Juice three grapefruits with 1/2 cup olive oil and shake until watery.  Believe it or was actually pretty tasty!  Maybe that came from fasting..

Drink grapefruit drink all at once (in a 5 minute period).  Lie down with head propped up for 20 minutes before going to sleep.


6:00 -6:30 (not before)
Drink another epsom salt mixture.

8:00 - 8:30
Drink your final epsom salt mixture.

10:00 am
You may drink juice

10:30 am
You may eat fruit.

11:00 am
Eat lightly throughout the day.

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