Luke 8:54

"And he put them all out, and took her by the hand, and called, saying, Maid arise." Luke 8:54

Monday, April 28, 2014


Spiritual Lessons

Encouragement and Temptations 

I thought I would like to share a snippet I wrote for my book "Maid Arise!"  I hope it is an encouragement to you single ladies/girls that follow this blog.

I'd like to offer a little encouragement. In this singlehood “stage” of life, no matter how temporary it is, we will run into temptations. Whether they come in the form of a circumstance, opportunity or an actual man they will come. Very often they are harmless or even good things/people. But as my Dad has advised me, good is not good enough. The Lord has the best planned for us.

This temptation of ours may actually be something/someone He plans to give us in the future. But it's not ours until He gives. Wait, He knows best. But here's the encouragement – Temptation is not sin. Christ was tempted. We girls carry this needless guilt when we are attracted to someone. It's very human to admire someone.

We often try hard to not be attracted to that someone. We tell ourselves we really aren't attracted to them or try to find reasons not to be. Resolving to never think about him, scolding and bearing this “dark secret” doesn't do any good. Maybe for a while we will succeed but how much greater the guilt when we fail!

God is there to hear all about it and to take care of our temptation. If this guy is meant to be, then He will work out all the details for us. No scheming or planning on our part is necessary. We can let Him take our thoughts and orchestrate everything. We must focus on what He has already given, and be faithful in our duties. If we do the battling, then our victory is questionable. Our God is sure to win.

He can satisfy our needs and longings to be wanted or admired. He is and always will be our best lover. He will perfect that which concerneth you. Psalm 138:8

Our feelings are so fickle aren't they? But He is trustworthy! He loves us and our future man. He knows best. He is interested in our journey before marriage, in the details of our every day in our “single” years.
Pining away for someone isn't healthy. We must seek Him first. He is the source of contentment. Every time our thought goes to that temptation, we must give it to Him. He doesn't want us to fight it. It is much easier and sweeter to give it up than to battle it. We aren't responsible for waiting for that someone to “move”. Really we aren't supposed to be holding our breath for the Lord to act either. We can sit still, confident in the knowledge that He will do the work. We just faithfully continue in what He has given us to do. Our man is safe in His hands.

This temptation will teach us dependence on Christ if we let it. I know, for I have been here. Times where someone has asked for me, or I am strongly attracted towards someone. It is innate human nature to desire to be held and wanted and protected. It's okay. He gave us that need. It's where we find fulfillment that we need to be careful. He wants us to want, He wants us to need – because He has all that we want and need. We and the Savior are a perfect match! He enjoys holding and protecting. He understands our temptation better than any human being ever could.

Be a faithful daughter and sister. He will bring us to the next stage when it is best. He assures me of this all the time and proves Himself in other areas in my life.

This time of temptation is not a waste. It is growing us. Embrace it. If we fear failing, we are almost sure to fail. We must put our confidence in Him cheerfully, accept our weakness and let Him be our strength. It works every time.

Our discouragement over the temptation is far worse than having the temptation. Simply, without beating ourselves up or examining our soul over and over and dwelling on our temptation and our guilt, we can commit ourselves and our thoughts to Him. There is liberty in being captured by Christ. Such peace. Where He calls, He enables. He knew that we would be tempted, and He allowed it. It can actually become a joy to have something to offer Him. We can become His handmaiden “Acceptance with Joy”. Guilt is needless. And that is encouraging. 

Portion taken out of Chapter 5 "Our Knights" from Maid Arise! 


  1. I really liked this part, Toni. "We and the Savior are a perfect match! " It is so true. I wish more young girls believed that. No man can fulfill us like Christ can.

    1. Thank you Jana. We are a perfect match! (Match made in heaven!) :) Thanks for the encouragement. I really hope to reach young women with my book. Although sometimes we older girls need a reminder too. :)

  2. Beautifully shared, Toni! I love the way you describe how we should view temptations through our relationship with Christ and how we are empowered and protected through that relationship.

  3. Yes, really good post Toni, my dear. This was a blessing to read. I love how you shared that temptations are not a waste. So true. They enable and empower us to draw closer to Christ. He is there...every time. Thank you for sharing this. Looking forward to your book, by the way. :)

    1. Yes...never a waste. It's comforting to know that He can use our temptations for good. Only a loving Father would plan it that way. Love you Nay.